Public Health

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m working on a public health case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
First, read “Case Study 15-8, Healthy Conflict Resolution”, on page 289-90 of Organizational Behavior in Health Care.
Based on the information in Chapter 4 and your independent research, write a paper that addresses the following questions:
What are the five conflict modes?
What is the basis/cause of the conflict in the case described?
What conflict style/handling-mode should be use to resolve the conflict?
Why is the chosen approach preferable to other approaches?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of your choice?
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Four-to-five pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page.
Formatted according to APA 7th edition and Saudi Electronic University writing standards.
Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but the other two must be external. The Saudi Digital Library is a good place to find these references.
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you sholud have :
1: Includes all of the required components, as specified in the assignment.
2:Demonstrates substantial and extensive knowledge of the materials, with no errors or major omissions.
3: Provides strong thought, insight, and analysis of concepts and applications.
4: Sources go above and beyond required criteria and are well chosen to provide effective substance and perspectives on the issue under examination.
5: Project is clearly organized, well written, and in proper format as outlined in the assignment. Strong sentence and paragraph structure, contains no errors in grammar, spelling, APA style, or APA citations and references.


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Mechanical Engineering

As the rest of the calculations are being done in joule.

each question in different VI file
please see the correction from the doctor:
There is a slight correction regarding the assignment.
For Problem 4 the value of cp=1.04 is given in KJ/kg.K
There is a error in this value and you should take the value of cp=1040 J/kg.K.
As the rest of the calculations are being done in Joule.


You are in charge of organizing a dinner-dance concert for a local charity.

Watch the short video at the following link:
5.3 Test your knowledge (question):
What are the components of a successful business plan?
5.2 Action Required:
You are in charge of organizing a dinner-dance concert for a local charity. You have reserved a hall that will seat 30 couples and have hired a jazz combo.
5.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):
Develop a scope statement for this project that contains examples of all the elements. Assume that the event will occur in 4 weeks. Provide your best estimate of the dates for milestones.
What would the priorities likely be for this project Read the following Statement: “Some projects are described as White Elephants”6.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):What do you think of the statement?Why some Projects are considered as “White Elephants”. Explain Watch the short video at the following link:
6.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):

What is the value of market research to the small business owner?


Competency identify key traditions and ideas influencing our culture.

Humanities Self-directed Assessment 01
Assessments Content
Module 01 Humanities Self-directed Assessment
Competency Identify key traditions and ideas influencing our culture.
Instructions In a written response of one to three pages, explain in detail what the Humanities are and how they influence culture?


He then begins to discuss how students are away from the world instead of with it, taking their ability to re-create and turning it into only spectating what is being taught to them on the fourth page.

Racism is considered one of the major social problems in the united states of America due to the high number of cases being reported in different sectors in the nation. The American education sector is one of the main domains where racism has affected the well-being of people of color. The article Pedagogy of the Oppressed majorly highlights the relationships between the teachers and students in American learning institutions (Freire, 2018). The author highlights how the quality of the relationship between teachers and students greatly impacts and influences social change.
Page 1
The authors consider most teachers as special narrators whose main duty is to lecture students. The students are only considered as listening objects whose main role is to follow the teacher’s instruction.
Page 2
The author introduces the form of the education system and terms it as a “banking method.” A banking method in the education system is where the children are fully controlled by their teachers, who are considered powerful.
Page 3
Highlights how the classrooms portray how the classroom represents an oppressive society. This is because the education system dehumanizes students by making the teachers possess all the powers in the class.
Page 4
Most behaviors children portray in the outside world are majorly learned or acquired in classrooms. Since most teachers possess oppressive behaviors, this illustrates how a society full of individuals mentored by the oppressors will never be liberated.
Page 5
The best approach to dealing with the minority is not by forceful integration or re-education. However, appropriate changes in the system will help ensure a conducive environment for better well-being for every individual.
Page 6
Most education teachers are unaware of the negative impacts of the banking system on education. Teachers should be responsible for ensuring that they teach children to be better citizens in the world.
Page 7
A favorable education system provides students the liberty to engage with their teachers. The harsh guidelines and restrictions imposed on children should be abolished to allow students to be themselves.
Page 8
The banking method of education has placed the children in a position where they advocate for their oppression. The oppression brought about by the banking system of education has significantly contributed to the death of humanity.
Page 9
Positive change and liberation can only be achieved through an appropriate leadership. Charismatic leaders who are vocal and active on matters of humanity are the most effective when it comes to fighting for liberation.
Page 10
The most effective system of education is one that can foster liberation and ignite social change. Freire advocates for a problem-posing system of education that mainly looks into solving various problems through the collaboration of teachers and students.
Page 11
The author highlights some of the significant impacts of the problem-posing system of education. Through teacher and student discussions, transformation and change are easily attainable since every party acquires a deeper understanding of their environment.
Page 12
The superiority complex brought by the aspect of hierarchy and power is one of the main reasons why the minority groups have been oppressed in society. Having systems that enhance self-awareness is one of the most significant steps toward ensuring social change (Freire, 2018). An educational system that helps enhance self-awareness can greatly change racial barriers in education.
Education plays an important role in enhancing awareness and change in that it is the main institution that advocates for behavioral and attitude change. Education is an important driver of change since it introduces individuals to positive drivers of change at a young age (TEDx Talks, 2016). When education is used to empower children at a younger age, they grow up with a positive attitude, which plays a major role in igniting social change. Education can also be utilized as a major motivational tool to take action on a particular matter that will enhance societal transformation and change.
Educators play a major role in ensuring that their students advocate for positive societal change. This can be done by ensuring that they act as role models to their students, educate children on the importance of good codes of conduct in class and the outside world, reward positive behaviors, and build a productive relationship with the students (TEDx Talks, 2016). Students can also be used as agents of change by training them to take positive action and always stand for the right things in society. The systems in most communities play a major role in society orientation (TEDx Talks, 2016). This has motivated me to fight for the adoption of social systems that only foster positive transformation and change and do away with unreliable systems.
Comment 1:
The article was talking about the relationship between a teacher and a student. They explain how teachers are shown to be giving out the information while the students are supposed to absorb the information. The writer believes that the things that the teachers are teaching the students are “disconnected from reality” and that the students are “containers”. what he means by that is that the teachers fill them up with stuff they don’t know about and just memorize the right answer. So, the students never get to know why that is the answer, but they at least know the answer and there could be no other correct answer. He talks about a banking concept and how the teachers are making deposits while the students are receiving the so-called deposits, which in this case is whatever the teacher is teaching to the students. He also talks about how the banking concept in schools is not a good way to learn because of many reasons, like how the teacher enforces and the students have to follow and that the students do not know anything while the teacher knows everything. The writer believes that this type of learning doesn’t teach the students to think critically and that they are only taught to follow someone else’s instructions. The video has taught me a lot on how racism still exists even when not attempting to discriminate. She talks about how her little brother was slammed down by the police and how they thought that he had drugs and was lying when he said he didn’t. It was only when he showed them his college i.d. when the cops let him go. But, she talks about how people are racist when they don’t mean to be. Like how people lock their cars if they see a group of black people walking by the parking lot or how they clench their purses when they see black people on the sidewalks. She talks about how education isn’t going to be stopping this and that we need to do more in order to prevent this. She talks about the Black Lives Matter movement and how cops would be likely to get away from a lot of the killings that they have done to black people unjustly if it wasn’t for that movement and that the protests bring awareness to everyone that racism still exists today. She talks about how she feels much better now that there are many people in her university protesting about this cause and that she knows that her little brother was right.
Comment 2:
I understand how the article is written and the meaning and point it is trying to make about the educational system and how race plays a really big part in it For example in the article they are talking about how instead of pushing these people who struggle away or who seem less intelligent we should implement them into so they become themselves when learning by saying “The truth is, however, that the oppressed are not “marginals,” are not living “outside” society. They have always been “inside” the structure which made them “beings for others.” The solution is not to ‘integrate” them into the structure of oppression, but to transform that structure so that they can become “beings for themselves.” Transformation, of course, would undermine the oppressors’ purposes; hence their utilization of the banking concept of education to avoid the threat of student
conscientize. Now when talking about the ted talk, she brought a really big point at 4:21 she says, “even I will try and solve a problem and not try and to understand it” and I understand what she means we all do things without thinking but fixes to problems are really aren’t fixes at all for example the unjustified shooting of an unarmed black man what do we understand about that another unarmed black man was killed and what do we do we protest riot’s. but this only puts a fix to the event that happened then but even then, the police officer still doesn’t actually get punished. When talking about how education affects the way we think when we see another situation like this we start to think of the negative consequences that come with this problem because you can take a man away by protesting but this problem will still keep coming back until we get to the route of the issue.
Comment 3:
Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire begins by explaining teacher and student relationships. It dives deep into how educators are merely depositing information into students, while students meekly listen to what is being said. The second page then focuses on educators as a whole. Freire discusses how teachers view students as opposites, the teacher being knowledgeable and the students ignorant in this deposit style of teaching. Freire then beings talking about how oppressors dominated the oppressed by changing their way of thinking and how people who don’t follow this deposit like teaching are not good in society or stray from society on the third page. He then begins to discuss how students are away from the world instead of with it, taking their ability to re-create and turning it into only spectating what is being taught to them on the fourth page. The fifth page discusses how teachers impose their ideas on students and how it teaches students to communicate in solitary. Staying in solitude only progresses the person to have an objectified look at the things around them including people. The sixth paragraph talks about how the idea of depositing information into students needs to be taken away so the ability to create isn’t hindered and does not give the idea that people are thinking critically or freely. Page 7 talks about how Problem-posing education gives students the ability to think creatively and annihilates the teacher-student gap that the student is not just teaching the students but also learning from them. On page 8, Freire describes how Problem-posing education creates challenges that are related to students, which intern allows them to think critically. This allows the teachers to be with the students rather than simply just spewing out information for them to remember. Freire discusses on page 9 how students will look at their own identity and background in the world and think about how the world is transforming instead of stagnic. Page 10 discusses how Deposite education hinders students’ ability to look at the world around them as well as takes away the ability to think critically about the world around them. Freire discusses on page 11 how imposing people’s ability to think critically is stripping oneself of the right of making decisions. It in turn makes them into objects rather than human beings with creative minds. Finally, Page 12 concludes that Problem-posing education must be the main way of education because deposit education will only hinder this better way of education. This education can eliminate the racial barrier by incorporating every student and giving each person the ability to look into every detail of themselves, and society. This will intern give people their own way of thinking and help them see the problems in the world which will push them for change.
Comment 4:
Freire describes teachers as narrators and students as listening objects, he refers to education as the “banking method.” Teachers hold all the power and make the choices, students must follow the teachers choices which “mirror oppressive society as a whole.” Oppressors must re-educate those by using the “banking method” and paternalistic social action which lead the oppressed to earn the title “welfare recipients.” Freire says that some students may become aware of thinking for themselves and that teachers are unaware that the “banking method” creates oppression. A teacher can not understand fully of a students thinking, nor should she or he impose his or hers thinking on a student as well. Those within the banking education system can promote “death” in humanity instead of life, rather they should be exploring their own humanity. He then suggest “problem-posing” which opens a discussion between students and teachers. Students are now “co-investigators in dialogue,” everyone learns from each other. Problem-posing works when those reflect on their own experience or “background awareness.” It constantly changes and “people develop their power to perceive critically the way they exist in the world.” Since problem-posing always changes, men and women are always in transformation, “beings in process of becoming.” Through discussion and humanization the oppressors gain knowledge of history, “the people’s historical vocation” their place in history. This creates a better understanding to end oppression, and transform society. The article can change racial barriers in education by teaching the history of all cultures and what they have gone through instead of just teaching parts of it. Allow everyone to ask questions and become one in the discussion to learn and obtain information, not just repeat it forward but also gain knowledge.
Comment 5:
1. I believe that education doesn’t bring change. It definitely brings awareness of the terrible things that are going on and what happened in the past. But I believe that activism is the thing that truly creates change, as long as there is a voice for people who are suffering then that’s when people start to listen. A teacher can only teach so much and sometimes are limited on what they can tell their students which creates boundaries for education. I’m not saying these boundaries aren’t needed but I’m saying teachers are limited to what they can teach and explain to their students. Learning about our history is extremely important. We must learn about history so we don’t repeat it. But it takes our actions and words in order to keep things in order and to combat racism and other major issues which is something a textbook can’t teach you. As educators, I feel as if what they can do is pretty limited. Obviously, the most basic but also most important thing an educator can do is teach the youth about their history. Teach them how to get their voice out there and allow them a space to speak freely about situations that are going on. Educators should allow their students to protest during school hours without penalizing their attendance. Students could feel nervous and not want to put their voices out there for fear of missing a lecture. Instead, I think educators should support their decisions and assist them in any way they can to help them make a change. I think we as students should put our voices out there more by having a peaceful protest, writing to the people of a higher power, and making our voices heard. It’s been proven that we are stronger in numbers and can accomplish more if we feel that there are people who have our backs. A major factor that scares people from not making their voices heard is that they feel alone in a situation. As we all know it’s easier to punish one person than a whole group of people. Learning about how someone in charge is supposed to protect the public can be so pinpointed on a specific race. Made me want to be more educated on how different people get treated depending on their race. I can only know about my own experiences but hearing how she was affected by racism scared me not only as a woman but also as a minority. Textbooks can only teach me so much by reading articles and hearing other people’s experiences. I feel this is the best way I can better educate myself on what’s going on in our world and how absolutely terrible it is.
Comment 6:

Data Analytics

It should include the list of collections, and one sample document (in json format) for each collection to demonstrate the document structure.

Business case: A car-sharing company decided to use a MongoDB NoSQL database to store information about their primary operations, which include recording of all rides, real-time car locations, and users. A ride is defined as a combination of pick-up location, and drop-off locations (if the car has been returned), with the associated timestamps of those events.
Direction: In this assignment, you will propose a database structure for the given business case. It should include the list of collections, and one sample document (in JSON format) for each collection to demonstrate the document structure.
Put the list of the collections with the comments on their role along with the sample documents in JSON format in a single .txt file.
Pls take a look at the attached file for the example of the solution


75 words and up

Tantrums are a typical part of a child’s development. When children are having a behavior that we may not think is appropriate, we should stop and think, “What are they trying to communicate to me?” Behavior is communication. Infants and toddlers do not always have the language or the ability to express what they are feeling with words or appropriate behaviors. As their caregivers, we need to come up with ways to support children during these moments and ways to support how they learn to regulate.
What is a child experiencing when he or she is having a tantrum? How do you usually handler toddler tantrums? What would you do to support a child who is having a tantrum and help the child learn new ways to express emotions?
75 words and up


The uc library is a great place to find resources.

Find a peer-reviewed scholarly journal article discussing electronic innovation and governance. Complete a review of the article by writing a 4 page overview of the article. This will be a detailed summary of the journal article, including concepts discussed and findings. Additionally, find one other source (it does not have to be a peer-reviewed journal article) that substantiates the findings in the article you are reviewing.
Be approximately four pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.
Follow APA 7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.
Support your answers with the at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.
Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.
NOTE: i need 4 pages of content excluding title & reference page, in text citations, in APA format & references are important too.


You have reserved a hall that will seat 30 couples and have hired a jazz combo.

Week 5: Interactive activity
5.1 Learning Outcomes:
Understanding Project requirement
Project definition
Key elements of Project
5.2 Action Required:
You are in charge of organizing a dinner-dance concert for a local charity. You have reserved a hall that will seat 30 couples and have hired a jazz combo.
5.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):
Develop a scope statement for this project that contains examples of all the elements. Assume that the event will occur in 4 weeks. Provide your best estimate of the dates for milestones.
What would the priorities likely be for this project?