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Please turn in a copy of the original ad with your assignment to this

Creating a mobile Message
Please find an online ad or newspaper ad for a local business. Ads that promote new products or reduced prices might work best for this assignment. Image ads with little or no copy won’t work as well.
Using that ad, please write four mobile messages—two SMS and two MMS messages—that could work in conjunction with the ad. Mobile marketing agencies often use this strategy to see which kind of message generates the highest response. Please don’t just change discount rates to create differences between your messages. Don’t give some groups a 5 percent discount, for example, and other groups a 10 percent discount—unless you have a good rationale for that approach.
Please turn in a copy of the original ad with your assignment to this
Part 2 web ad
Please select an ineffective (in your opinion) real-world web or mobile ad that was directed to you—for example, a Facebook ad. Please grab a screenshot of that ad—and then improve the ad, creating a digital mockup that does a substantially better job of targeting you and your interests. Please turn in both the original ad and your significant revision. Submit you AI or PSD along with all six JPGs of the finals. Sizes should include
728px X 90px • 300px X 250px • 468px X 60px • 320px X 50px • 970px X 250px • 300px X 600px