Relationship Advice

All information should use chicago or harvard style to mark sources clearly.

Database: Every student need to choose a developing country and find out its economic and trade relationship with China through literature search or interviews. The database should include A) yearly bilateral investment and trade figure from 2000-2020, distribution by sector; B) time, size (sum) and content of Chinese aid projects in that country; (approx. 5-10 items if applicable) C) amount, type and usage of loans from Chinese government and banks to that country; (approx. 5-10 items if applicable) D) information about major investment projects, such as investment amount, sales, employment, source of raw material, market destination, connection with local industries, growth path etc. (approx. 10-15 items if applicable) The search should focus on recent activities (after 1990), but is not limited to them. A) should use table and graphics, B,C,D) should use text descriptions. The description for each project should not exceed 150 words. Please see Bartke, W. 1989. The Economic Aid of the PR China to Developing and Socialist Countries, 2nd ed. Munich: K. G. Saur for examples. Source of information include websites of commercial offices in Chinese embassies, China commercial statistics, government bulletins, corporations’ websites and annual reports, websites of host countries’ governments, news reports, reports by various international organizations (World Bank, UNIDO, UNDP, AfDB, IFPRI etc.), papers by various think tanks and researchers. Interviews are encouraged as well. All information should use Chicago or Harvard Style to mark sources clearly. Database should be saved as WORD documents and be sent to by November 6. Criteria for grading are the completeness and exactness of the information.